Monday, September 27, 2010

Word Association Week Three Assignment

This is word association week! All things Harry Potter or Fall related.

Easy enough right? Here’s our list:

  1. Pumpkin Pie
  2. Owl Hoot
  3. Leaf Blowing
  4. Weasley Arthur
  5. Quaffle Quidditch
  6. Hallow Deathly
  7. Mad Eye Moody
  8. Dragon Norbert
  9. Crystal Geyser (oh what a fail)
  10. Trees Womping Willow
  11. Hermione Granger
  12. Hogwarts Witchcraft
  13. Burrow Weasley
  14. Dobby House Elf
  15. Horcrux Nagini
  16. Ministry Of Magic
  17. Magic Wand
  18. Sirius Black
  19. Apple Pie
  20. Juice Apple
  21. Candle stick
  22. Ghost Dementor
  23. Snake Nagini
  24. Wand Elder
  25. Invisibility Cloak
  26. Tent Camping
  27. Spell Book
  28. Umbridge Dorothy
  29. Dursely Duddems
  30. Prophet Daily

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The 5 Things

What five things would I bring if I were running away, going into hiding or camping.

If I had answered this a few days ago I would have said:

1) Kleenex
2) Medicine--cough meds, stuffy head meds, fever reducer meds, pain meds, throat lozenges
3) More kleenex
4) Warm blanket for when I was freezing cold, and that I could kick off when fever sweating
5) Pillow

Actually I feel as if I have been in hiding for the past week, and those are the items I had with me. I feel like I should get a prize for answering correctly. Ha!

If I was going away when not ill, then the answers would be different indeed. For going camping:

1) Husband
2) Dog
3) Sonic Screwdriver--I learned from the Doctor! (See below for info about the sonic screwdriver*)
4) Mary Poppins bottomless carpet bag--you can find EVERYTHING in there
5) Crafting survival kit (Kit includes: Crochet hook, knitting needles, tatting shuttles, yarn, thread, scissors and now newly improved with a drop spindle and roving!)

If I were going to run away just scratch out number 1 above....hmmm ok scratch out number 1 and 2! hahahahaha

*For all you Doctor Who fans, from the Doctor Dances:
Capt. Jack: This can work as a sonic blaster, a sonic canon, and a sonic disrupter. Doc what you got?
Doctor: I've got a sonic uh..well never mind.
Capt. Jack: What?
Doctor: It is sonic let's leave it at that.
Capt. Jack: Disrupter, canon what?
Doctor: It is sonic, totally sonic.
Capt. Jack: A sonic what?!
Doctor: Screwdriver.
Rose: Going down! Doctor are you ok?
Doctor: Could have used a warning.
Rose: There's no gratitude.
Capt. Jack: Who has a sonic screwdriver?
Doctor: I do.
Capt. Jack: Who looks at a screwdriver and thinks, "ooo this could be a little more sonic."
Doctor: You've never been bored?
Rose: There's got to be lights.
Doctor: Never had a long night? Never had a lot of cabinets to put up?
Patients: Mummy
Capt. Jack: Door. [Trying to open door with his sonic gadget] Dammit it is these special features they really drain the battery. I was going to send for another one, but somebody's got to blow up the factory! [Looks at the Doctor]
Rose: Oh, I know! The first day we met he blew my job up.
Doctor: Ok, that door should hold it for a bit.
Capt. Jack: The door? The wall didn't stop it.
Doctor: Well it has to find us first. Come on we're not done yet. Assets. Assets.
Capt. Jack: Well I have a banana, and in a pinch you could put up some shelves.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Week one assignment

• Someone with the same craft as you (either those listed above or another one).
Mystry Moonbleu aka Fuddles--we both like to Tat
She made a very beautiful neck wrap that could be used as a shawl.

• Someone who was born in the same month as you.
Angelina Frysia aka Pinkladyknitter--yay we are both April babies!
I love her Eleanor socks! Wish I could find time to finish my first pair of knitted socks.

• Someone from a different country.
Emma Gorodok aka Selena from Germany
I love her purple goth shawl!

• A new HSKS Family member.
Vevina McFey aka Mrsmama
I love Mrs. Figgs Friend. What an adorable kitty she created.

• Someone who has been in 3 or more HSKS swaps.
Perenelle Tejedora aka Sylvo
Sylvo has taught me loads about knitting. She even got me started on my first pair of socks.

• Someone who has a bigger stash than you! (And if your stash is the biggest, proudly say so!
Rowena Bladvak aka Ronni-licious
Rowena made a very beautiful sweater. I wish I could knit a sweater.

• Someone who both knits and crochets.
Andromeda Finch-Fletchley aka Girlywithatwist
She has a sonic screwdriver!

• Someone who has the same favorite color as you.
Hermione Bagnold aka Smileynetta (I have several fav colors but tonight I'm feeling blue)
She has made some adorable little baby booties!

• Someone who has the same favorite season/holiday as you.
Cassandra Grubbly-Plank aka Kristo--I love fall, it is when the heat breaks in Texas
Kristo has made some beautiful hats/beanies with Noro silk garden.

• Someone who has the same favorite fiber as you.
Caradoc Brocklehurst aka Cayden--Noro. I think Noro is beautiful too!
He has a very cute Stowamba!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Just signed up for the new term

Very excited. I signed up for HSKS 12 term. I'll learn all about Horcruxes this year.

I can't wait for the term to begin.