Saturday, December 12, 2009

Visit to the Owlery

Well I managed to visit the owlery today. I picked out a very sturdy looking little owl who I'm sure can fly like the wind.

I almost forgot to put in a small extra handmade item, but luckily I remembered just before taping the package shut. Whew!!

Victoria Pettigrew look out for the owl heading your way!

Friday, December 4, 2009

MY Owl Arrived! My Owl Arrived!!

Thank you Celeena Cree!!!

I love my kit. As you can see from the photo, I received lots and lots of goodies. There was actually a 2nd spool of crochet thread but it was busy with my tatting things and I neglected to round it up and put it in the photo.

So what did I get? A beautiful bag made by Cleo! A Harry Potter snitch wash cloth. Some beautiful red yarn to go along with a nice pattern for socks. I also received dpns and circular needles to get the job done. I received beautiful blue linen blend yarn, and two crochet threads (the missing one is Christmas tree green, or at least I say it is because I'm tatting a Christmas tree with it). Berty Botts Every Flavor Beans YUM!! A gorgeous row counter bracelet that I can't wait to use! And Cleo made me two sets of stitch markers. I also received some decorative paper clips that will be very useful. A two year calendar planner. A postcard and note from none other than Cleo herself. Cleo said if I don't want the bag I can send it back because she loves it. But I love it!! So I'm not sending it back.

Here are closeups of the hand made items and the bracelet.

This is the cute Christmas Tree Stitch Markers, Yarn and Needle Stitck Markers, and the bracelet.
Is the bag not wonderful??? I think it is.
I hope you can see the work she put into this too. It says HP on the top and has a golden snitch down below. What a perfect thing to include in this swap!

Thank you so much, Cleo! It was a wonderful kit. I loved opening it and can't wait to get started on all the patterns. The tatting patterns will be done first because I'm making Christmas Tree and Angel for Grandmother's room--so extra thank you for including the tatting materials and patterns!