Monday, June 14, 2010

Ginger, the owl, flew up with my kit!

Yes it is finally here! My lovely Sirius Black kit from Megaera Black. Thank you so much for these lovely things! As you can see above, some of the items were sent through the Floo Network.

When I opened the box, it was so full of packages, I just couldn't count them all!

And here is all the loot unwrapped! What a haul! Here is a list of everything in the photo:
2 Balls of Nightfall Cotlin, 2 balls of Cedar Cotlin
2 Balls of Coto Canapone (Cotton/Hemp blend)
Sock Monkey
Book with photo of Sirius Black's motorcycle. Yes! The same bike that Hagrid borrowed to fly Harry Potter around.
Sirius Black Tumbler
2 Hand made cloths with paw prints on them
Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's Knitting Rules
KnitPicks Crochet Hook Set
Pattern Book Magnets
Instant Honey Ginger drink--yummy!
Cute pen
The most wondeful smelling Oriental Citrus moisturizing cream
Pattern for an adorable Pete, the puppy boy. This came in a neat envelope that can be reused yay!
And last, I will mention that the 2 balls of Cedar Cotlin is really a magic ball of Cedar that contains lots of goodies!! I'll get to the list of all the surprises my magic ball contained in a moment. Now for more photos!

These are the handmade items: Sock Monkey, 2 paw print cloths, Sirius Black motorcycle book, and of course Sirius Black Tumbler! Can't go anywhere without that!

This is all my yarn! Oh I love this yarn!

And here is my magic yarn ball. Now what in the world could be in here??
There were two stitch markers: Hope, Believe; Mini-sock blocker; strawberry sundae lip balm; a man ready to parachute; Some pretty variegated yarn for perhaps amigurumi embellishments; more honey ginger drink; a row counting bracelet; decorated hair pins; a neat tool for stuffing amigurumi (I had never even seen one of these before, how neat!); eyes for my puppy amigurumi; Emergency floo powder (also looks like I can use what is in the floo powder jar as crochet stitch markers!); a pendant that says: Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus (part of the Hogwarts shield I believe--Don't tickle sleeping dragons! A good warning for Hogwart's students); a Ravelry Bob lapel pin; a cute button with a girl holding her hand out for a dove to land on.

Whew that was lots of items! A wonderful Sirius Black kit! Thank you so much! This has been a really wonderful, and fun swap.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Embroidering my own designs

I've been downloading different software to use to make my own embroidery designs. I finally settled on one. These are the first attempts I made using a photo to embroider and some of my husband's art to embroider. I know there are flaws, but that means I know what I need to learn. And sadly, my thread palette is really small at the moment. I hope to change that slowly over time.

This is a robot my husband drew. There is a slight problem with the mouth. After I stitched this up, I learned how to change the order in which it stitches things, and I'm pretty sure that will help on my next attempt.

This is my dog! She doesn't really have maroon ears of course, but I used that as part of the shadow colors since my thread palette is kind of limited right now.

I really really love my new embroidery/sewing machine! I'm going to make some patches of my parrots to sew on various things as well.


Go go Gryffindor!!! We won the Quidditch match against Slytherin today. I was the Keeper for Gryffindor, but could not show up on time. I cast a Keeper Charm over the pitch and miraculously no goals were scored even though I was not there. The snitch was found before I arrived. I was a little sad that I missed the game, glad that we won, and happy that my Keeper Charm worked so well!

Friday, June 4, 2010

NEW sewing/embroidery machine!!!

OMG So excited. I got a Baby Lock Ellure Plus!

These are the first couple of designs I did. I cannot post the cute item I made today because it still has to go to Dragonsinger, but it is really cute!