Friday, June 26, 2009

Week two at camp

What a week this has been. Did I even sleep at all? I don't think so. Since tomorrow is Saturday I solemnly swear to turn off all muggle alarms, cast a do not disturb hex around my bed and sleep until I'm no longer tired. If that means I sleep 13 hours, then so be it!

Then the rest of Saturday (if there is any time spent not sleeping), I will spend time finishing knitting some hand towels for my muggle father's birthday.

Friday, June 19, 2009

HSKS8 Week 1 Activity Part 3

Get to know your spoiler and spoilee

There are some fantastic patterns in both my spoiler's and spoilee's projects. 

My spoiler, Megaera Black, RavID nosheep4chelle, has some really great items to show off. Her socks make me really want to hurry and learn how to make some for myself! She is a fan of house hippos! I just love those cute little darlings. She also is home to several adorable owls. Of course, her paw washcloth is going on my list of to-do items. I know the perfect recipient for just such a paw.

My spoilee, Quietous, RavID SeverusSnape, has some really inspiring projects going on. I MUST have a season 12 Dr. Who scarf. How have I made is so far in life without the perfect item to finish off my wardrobe? I'm also going to have to keep tabs on her projects to see how her Sharaz Jek mask goes. And if you have not looked at her projects, you should check them out if only to see her cute dog sweater model!

Favorite Summer Camp Activity

Wow the days have been packed full of fun entertainment. But so far the best has to be when we went down to the bottom of the lake to visit the merpeople. They were not at all happy to see us until we knitted them head wraps and leg warmers out of gillyweed!

Monday, June 15, 2009

HKSK8 Summer Camp Week 1 Activity

Part 1: What's in Your Trunk
Intarsia brought:

1) Invisibility cloak --don't ask how I got this
2) Intermediate Transfiguration book
3) Ibex --ok a little explanation. See item above. This did not start out as an Ibex. It was really my toothbrush and I accidentally performed a transfiguration on it. I like it better this way, but now I can't brush my teeth >.<
4) Ibuprofen --because sometimes I prefer muggle remedies. What can I say, I grew up around muggles!
5) Ignatia Wildsmith Chocolate Frog Card --she invented floo powder! How cool is that?!
6) Instant Darkness Powder (the Peruvian kind from Weasleys' Wizard Wheezes)
7) Ink (self correcting) & parchment
8) Iguana --one can never have too many pets!
9) Ice tea --its actually kind of warm now, but it was ice tea earlier!
10) Icord --I have about 12 meters of it now. You just never can have enough Icord. You never know when you'll need it!
11) Ingredients for potions! (ok thought of this after coming up with the other 10, but it is so vital that I had to add it too)

Does anyone have any grass? My ibex is hungry.

Part 2: Wizard Bingo WINGO!
Row 1
W-Lives within 100 miles of you: Sylvo, Texas
I- Has played quidditch: Oliveknits & ajkane in HKSK7!
N- Likes same candy or sweet treat as you: Severus Snape, CelticMommy--Chocolate!
G- In Slytherin (who is not in your cabin): GirlyWithATwist
O- Is from a different country: Kristo (Canada), Selena (Germany)

Phoenix Cabin activate! Where is my spoilee

Well I made it into Phoenix Cabin. There are some great campers here with me. 

I can't wait to find out who my spoilee is. I guess I'll have to sit here and knit until I get the information!

Monday, June 8, 2009

I'm packed and ready to go!

Here I am at Diagon Alley. I just picked up the last things I think I'll need. I picked up an extra book on "Herbology and the Care of Magical Creatures." Now if Bobble gets sick while we're at camp I might know what to gather to cure him. 

Look at Bobble. He's so excited to get to camp too!

Signing up for summer camp

I can't wait for summer camp! I have to hurry so I make it in on time. I would hate to miss the opportunity to learn more about the care of magical creatures!